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Inspection planner

Everything at a glance that needs to be checked regularly or just occasionally at your home. Automatic notifi­cations keep you informed.

Object manager

Manage all devices or objects in the household very easily in lists and find, distinguish, check and document them even more easily.

Standard categories

Property management does not have to be complicated. Already created standard categories and suggestions help to create the lists quickly and supplement them easily.

The Inspector provides you with an overview

A mindmap shows various topics like household, electronics, roof and sewage with several sub topics to show what Homeinspector can do for you.

Why should you use Homeinspector

Your home means a lot to you. With Homeinspector you can be sure that everything is in order and will stay that way. Often, most big and expensive problems start small.

In the event of a claim, it is a great relief for you if you can use the app to prove to your insurance company with legal certainty that you are entitled to compensation for damages.

The "stress-down-legs-up" app!
Features that you really need

Features that you really need

A man in work clothes is inspecting a house installation.

Schedule maintenance

Did you buy or inherit your first home? And what happens now? Shouldn't you check everything? What does the house have? What kind of heating is installed in the house? What do you have to take into account?

With Homeinspector you suddenly have a real overview and plan of your home management. Has the heating system received its annual maintenance? Check. Has the chimney sweep been there? Yes. Do the backwater valves for the water drainage still work? Yes. Smoke detectors still beeping? Yes indeed.

Property management

Maybe you have more than one house, a small allotment, a vacation home by the lake or even a villa in northern Italy (- then I'm jealous). Just create different lists for different places.

Even if you are a landlord Homeinspector is very useful. With it you know exactly what should be checked or maintained, where and when.

A house with a see-through view into all levels.
A man is sitting in front of his camper and checks something on the coverings.

Create object lists

Create categories yourself and add new objects. Homeinspector is very flexible and is suitable not only for your home, but also for everything around it. Add the car, the caravan, the boat, the diving equipment in the basement. There are no limits to your imagination.


Your feedback for an improved Homeinspector app

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